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Flagstaff Walmart Rug Doctor Worth It?

  • Unsanitary and unhealthy – it is not good for your home
  • Soaks carpets and makes them more dirty than clean
  • Under powered and very weak in its’ performance
  • Is Rug Doctor Worth It? Flagstaff Residents Should Think Twice

    The Rug Doctor is a Walmart favorite. You can pick one up after you check out at any Walmart Super Center. If you look closely, the machines look outdated and overused. They promise to clean carpets but if you look closer at consumer reviews, you will find they work, maybe, half of the time.

    That is because cleaning carpets is hard work.

    Consumers Agree Rug Doctor Ruins Carpets

    The Rug Doctor is riddled with problems. Rug Doctor corporate headquarters put out videos of their own equipment not working. If you go to the reputable website which is a huge online forum of citizens who share their concerns, you will find that Rug Doctor has ruined carpets more than clean carpets.

    A Few of Reviews

  • It’s hard work and leaves soap film in the carpet. The soap remaining attracts dirt. Carpets will look nice for a little while.
  • It ruins the padding underneath and in turn stains the floors, be careful. The witness gets trapped underneath.
  • One of the suckiest companies with the worst maintained equipment ever! We have rented from the multiple times and a lot of times the machine does not work when you get home… Rug Doctor is horrible to deal with.
  • The Rug Doctor left my carpet really wet.
  • Our floors were all water stained when we replaced the carpeting down the road.
  • A Few of Reviews

  • I rented one of your machines at Walmart… I will never rent one again… I opened the dirty water compartment and there was literally between 1/4 to 1/2 inch of mud on the bottom… I spent 30-45 minutes cleaning it all out before I could use it.
  • The machine was dirty, and smelled like a wet dog. I started using it and it made a weird sound, upon looking I found that the bristles and area behind the bristles was full of dog hair…
  • Unit was not working and also extremely dirty!! I literally had to take the unit apart and get the what looked like to be grout unstuck from inside the brush and roller housing.
  • Terrible price for 24-hours. And the machine did not get my carpet clean
  • Honestly, the machines need regular maintenance. The one I used was dirty and barely working (filled with hair, no suction, dirt in both the clean and dirty water container). It was unfortunate and unacceptable, and is a first time customer I will not be returning anytime soon.
  • Do Not Waste Time and Money on Rug Doctor

    For a professional carpet cleaning call now to save 10% (928) 525-3188 or schedule an appointment. A-Quality ChemDry is all about trying to save customers money and stress! We give you basic tips to clean stains and grease naturally from your carpet. Please understand, these are only carpet cleaning tips.

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