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There is a lot of disinformation circulating around regarding carpet cleaning.

Many ask the following questions:
What is a steam cleaner?
Why is AQuality ChemDry better than a steam cleaner?
Does carpet cleaning technology even matter?

This article will do its best to answer the questions above.

Comparing Equipment

Steam Cleaners pump high volumes of soapy water into the fibers of the carpet. This is called the “super soaker” method. This end up driving some of the dirt even deeper into the carpet. Many times the water gets down to the padding and even the concrete or wood. This can cause mold and pest infestation.

  • Sprays hot steam at 400-600 PSI into carpets
  • Pushes soil and dirt deeper into carpet fibers
  • AQuality ChemDry’s Hot Carbonation uses 80% less water than steam cleaners. Our patented technology does not apply as much pressure to the carpets and uses a circular rotation to lift dirt out of carpet fibers rather than using a soak and suck method.

  • Much lower PSI
  • Uses carbonation extraction to pull moisture out of carpet
  • The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) approved at the platinum level
  • Comparing Products

    Steam Cleaners use a detergent or soap that leaves a residue which attracts dirt and soil. This makes the carpet looking gloomy and drab shortly after cleaning. Not only that, but because the pressure is so strong it makes the residue soak deep into the carpets making it even harder to clean the carpets the second-go-around.

  • Soapy and sticky residues make carpets re-soil quickly
  • Harsh chemicals cause wear on carpets
  • Cleaning chemicals can be harmful to pets, children and human skin
  • AQuality ChemDry’s Hot Carbonation is the only FDA approved proprietary cleaner that is completely organic and natural.
    This is made from natural ingredients that does not include soap or detergent. There is no dirt-attracting residue left behind.

  • No detergents so carpets stay cleaner for longer
  • 100% organic and FDA approved
  • Non-toxic so its safe for pets and family
  • Comparing Process

    Steam Cleaners typical use large amounts of water and so it can take days for carpets to dry. We warn about this in our article “steam cleaners can ruin carpets, make you sick and cause pest infestation”. Not only that but they apply a lot water pressure and scrub the dirt into the carpet fabrics and padding.

  • Soaks the carpet, requiring days to dry
  • Excess water can soak through carpet backing, prompting growth of mold, mildew and bacteria
  • Removes dirt with soaps and chemicals that leave behind more dirt in the carpet fiber and backing
  • AQuality ChemDry’s Hot Carbonation uses 1/5 the water typical steam cleaners use. Our patented process penetrates to the base of carpets and gently agitates and releases the dirt particles from carpet fibers. This process extracts both dirt and water from carpets allowing you to resume regular activities in your home as quickly as possible.

  • Dry times less than 2-hours
  • Low moisture and efficient extraction lead to a quick drying and healthier home
  • Heat accelerates the carbonation reaction, which agitates and lifts dirt directly off of the carpet fibers
  • A-Quality ChemDry reduces up to 98% of allergens from carpets, upholstery, kitchen and rugs! We are a certified Carpet and Rug institute company with the only FDA approved natural solution.

    For a professional carpet cleaning call now to save 10% (928) 525-3188 or schedule an appointment. A-Quality ChemDry is all about trying to save customers money and stress! We give you basic tips to clean stains and grease naturally from your carpet. Please understand, these are only carpet cleaning tips.

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