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Businesses spend close to $530 billion per year on employee absenteeism and ill related lost of productivity

  • A Quality Chem-Dry’s coronavirus disinfection solution is proprietary disinfectant that kills up to 99.999% of viruses, bacteria and mold..
  • Coronavirus Disinfection for Commercial and Residential Properties is a Must

    A Quality ChemDry has been telling Flagstaff residents that there are all kinds of germs and bacteria hiding in carpets, upholstery and tile-grout. Being we are in the residential and commercial cleaning industry, it has become more important than ever for our company to continue to provide Healthy Homes and Healthy Work environments.

    We are following State and Federal Authorities and their recommendations during this coronavirus pandemic. We are a worldwide brand and provide the best and safest products in the industry. That is why we have decided to expand our services to provide a coronavirus disinfection solution for your carpet, upholstery and tile-grout and high traffic areas around your home.

    The coronavirus is very contagious and can be very deadly for the elderly. It is our duty to keep our distance and even stay away from the most vulnerable in our population. Saving lives is of the upmost importance to A-Quality ChemDry.

    It is also important to do all we can to not just sanitize homes but disinfect commercial properties and businesses. The cost of not sanitizing businesses through out the year costs companies nearly $530 billion per year due to illness-related lost of productivity. To put that in to perspective, that is over $3,000 per employee per year.

    “Our research helps employers understand what ill health really costs their businesses so that investments in health and productivity are more informed and more effective,” said Brian Gifford, PhD., Director and Research Analytics for IBI.

    Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey has signed an executive order to slow down the coronavirus with a stay-at-home plan. However, many businesses in Arizona will still be open for business to the public. Also, thanks to the U.S. federal government, businesses will continue to pay employees (even they are not open to the public) with a $350 billion dollar stimulus plan.

    Essential business in Arizona that will need coronavirus disinfection service include:

  • Hospitals, Healthcare Providers and Clinics
  • Dental, Eye Care and Veterinary Offices
  • Pharmacies
  • Blood Donation Organizations
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Shelters, Food Banks and Food Production Facilities
  • Utility, Transportation, Airport, Solid Waste and Recycling Operations
  • Cybersecurity, Internet and Video Telecommunication Services
  • Grocery Store, Farmers Market and Produce Stands
  • Food, Beverage and Agriculture Business
  • Charitable, Social Services and Religious Organizations
  • Media, Newspaper, TV, Radio Operations
  • Gas Stations, Auto Supply, Repair and Shops
  • Banks
  • Mail, Shipping, Delivery and Pick-up Services
  • For a full list of business you can view the State of Arizona Executive Order 2020-18 here.

    Get a Coronavirus Disinfection Spray for your Commercial or Residential Property Today

    Call 928-525-3188 and have us eliminate coronavirus from your residential or commercial property carpet, tile-grout and upholstery and high traffic areas today.

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