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Sometimes you will need your carpet cleaned with our P.U.R.T. pet urine removal. Our carpet cleaning solution gets rid of:

  • 99.2% of bacteria from pet urine in carpets
  • 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets

If you need your carpet cleaned with P.U.R.T. call now to save 10% (928) 525-3188 or schedule an appointment online.

Reasons Why Dog is Urinating Around The Home

    • Insecurity:

Usually this is because the dog feels insecure or believes there is a threat in the home. For example a family that has a new baby, visitor or a new piece of furniture. All of these things bring in new sounds, smells, etc. that causes the dog to feel insecure or anxious.

  • Domination: If a male dog is use to being an “alpha male” in the pact – he is going to pee all over the home in order to dominate the house.
  • Scared: Sometimes a dog will pee on the corners of furniture or homes because of exotic smells from other animals. This is a sign of trying to dominate or insecurity.
  • They Want To Feel Comfortable: Sometimes a dog will pee on the carpet or furniture because they want to smell themselves in order to feel comfortable.

How To Prevent Dog From Urinating in Home

  • Neuter: If you neuter the dog early it will prevent them from urinating in the house by habit.
  • Supervise: Correcting your pet as soon as they lift up their leg and pee is one of the best ways to potty train. If you correct them by barricading them off form the area they pee’d on or by throwing them outside before they pee is a good way to teach them.
  • Shaker Bottle: Dog’s can hear very well and so by supervising them and before they lift their leg to pee you shake a plastic bottle full of coins will scare them. After which you put them outside so they pee outside.
  • Praise and Treats: Giving your dog positive reinforcement will teach the dog that what they did was good. They will learn that you want them to go outside to pee and they will want the praise.

If The Dog Will Not Learn

  • Last Resort: The dog will never learn or they are trying to dominate you in which case you will have to confine them in an area where you can clean up the urine easily or chain them outside (but make you take care of them if they live outside)

Dog’s urinate in the home due to instinctive behaviors. Your dog may be fully house trained but they do, at times, mark their territory. Dog’s urinate because it is of great interest to them. They urinate to tell other dogs a message… It could tell the other dog, “I’m the owner of this territory” or “I’m available for mating.”

Often times dogs urinate to show their dominance or to claim something that belongs to them.

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