Every year more and more Americans are being diagnosed with asthma within the United States.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), asthma has been increasing yearly. One in 12 people (about 25 million, or 8% of the population) had asthma in 2009, compared with 1 in 14 (about 20 million, or 7%) in 2001.

Asthma Triggers Found Within Your Flagstaff Home

Although dry, the Flagstaff area can be a very unfriendly place for asthmatics. Triggers can be found in a variety of forms and places–your floors being a prime location. There’s no escaping them, although reducing exposure to them can be very effective in preventing asthma flare-ups and symptoms. Here are some examples of asthma triggers that can be found within the carpets and hard-surface areas of your home:

– Mold
– Dust mites (especially when they die) & dust
– Dead skin cells
– Pet hair, dandruff, urine
– Perfumes and other strong odors
– cigarette and tobacco smoke
– mycotoxins & pollen

Which is Worse for Asthmatics – Hardwood Floors or Carpet?

Research is inconclusive. Hard-surface flooring (wood, vinyl, grout and tile) may be easier to clean, but medical professionals like Dr. James T C Li (M.D., Ph.D.) assert that steam cleaning carpet on a regular basis is just as effective in reducing a variety of allergens (dust, pollen, pet dander, hair, ect.) that infiltrate the deep layers of your carpet.

Many asthmatics will claim that switching to hardwood floors improved their health while a number of other studies proved otherwise. The indoor air quality tested performed in these studies, actually show that carpeted homes improved, rather than worsened, air quality of the home by acting as a filtration system. The carpet fibers were shown to trap a variety of allergens that made their way into the home, which can then be easily extracted from the home altogether by a number of carpet cleaning techniques.

A-Quality ChemDry Effectively Removes up to 98% of Allergens

ChemDry’s all-natural, Green-Certified product called The Natural, coupled with its one-of-a-kind hot carbonating extraction carpet cleaning method will de-contaminize your carpets better than any other carpet cleaning method. Less grime left behind means better health for people living within your home.

Instead of using large amounts of water (method used by most steam cleaning companies) ChemDry relies on carbonation and microscopic bubbles to destroy dirt and gunk from deep within the carpets fibers and carry them to the surface where they and left over moisture are removed from the carpet surface altogether.

Carpet Protectant
New carpets usually come with a factory-applied protectant but this wears off over time. ChemDry offers protectant reapplication with every carpet cleaning. Reapplication is easy and safe for all members of the family and helps keep carpets AND upholsteries cleaner longer by resisting stains and soiling and by slowing the aging process that can occur with normal every day use.

For a professional carpet cleaning call now to save 10% (928) 525-3188 or schedule an appointment. A-Quality ChemDry is all about trying to save customers money and stress!