This has happened to more people around the U.S. than you know! Your home, apartment or town house is in need of carpet cleaning and so you google a “carpet cleaner” in Flagstaff. The receptionist gives you a fair price and you feel really good about it. An appointment is scheduled, the company shows up, cleans your carpets, big fans are used to “dry” the floor and before you know it the carpet looks good as new.

Mold Growing Underneath CarpetA few months go by and you begin seeing dark patches in the carpet. You think it may have been one of the kids tracking dirt in the house, or the family dog may have had an accident, or a liquid accidentally spilled there – so you decide to clean the carpet yourself using the “Basic DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips” you found on our website. A few more months go by and you begin to see more dark patches popping up around your carpet. However, this time you find out it is mold growing….

The fact is, steam cleaning carpet cleaners use a soak, suck and dry method to clean carpets. This is harmful to the carpet fabric and the material underneath the carpet. The moisture build up is a breeding ground for mold and pest infestation.

How To Identify Carpet Mold

  • Visible mildew or mold growth – it is rare to see mold growing on top of carpet. Mold usually grows underneath carpets.
  • Water damage – the padding underneath the carpet absorbs moisture and is a breeding grown for mildew
  • Discoloration that starts underneath the carpet
  • Odor may be coming from the carpet

Video Showing Beginning Stages of Mold Growth in Carpet

A-Quality ChemDry stops mold from growing in carpets! Because of our patented carpet cleaning technology, our cleaner uses a process called carbonation method that releases and lifts dirt from carpet fabric and then extracts dirt and moisture from the carpet.

Why Use A-Quality ChemDry vs Steam Carpet Cleaner?

  • A-Quality ChemDry uses 80% less water than carpet steam cleaners
  • A-QualityChemDry’s low moisture carbonation system has carpets dry in 1-2 hours
  • Carpet steam cleaners invite mold growth – they use excessive water to clean carpets and this invites mildew growth
  • Carpet steam cleaners invite pests into your carpet – where there is moisture there are insects

For a professional carpet cleaning call now to save 10% (928) 525-3188 or schedule an appointment. A-Quality ChemDry is all about trying to save customers money and stress! We give you basic tips to clean stains and grease naturally from your carpet. Please understand, these are only tips

Why You Should Not Use a Carpet Steam Cleaner