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Living in Flagstaff, it is easy to break out in allergies because of all the dust, forestry and animals! This simple guide will help Flagstaff residents to help make their home “allergy proof”.

If you still have an allergy problem after doing the steps below, call A-Quality ChemDry at 928-525-3188 we remove 98% of allergens from carpets and upholstery, improving air quality of your home.

What Triggers Allergies?

What we are about to tell you will sound unpleasant but the truth is the truth… Dust bunnies and mites, mold, cockroaches, outdoor dirt and pets usually cause in-home allergies.

Learn how steam cleaners can cause mold in your carpets leading to pest infestation.

Get Rid of The Dust

  • Keep Home Cool and Dry: After an 18-month study, Larry G. Arlian a professor of biological sciences found that levels of dust mites and allergens dropped below 50%. Use your AC unit and a dehumidifier to keep the your home cool and dry.
  • Deep Clean Home: This is what they call “spring cleaning”. Get yourself a mask you can purchase at your local store to keep the dust out of your nose and mouth, purchase cleaning supplies for the floor, walls and kitchen and plenty of sponges, napkins and clothes.
  • Sweep and Vacuum: Dust bunnies love to build up in the corners of of homes, especially in carpets and on tile! Because it is harder to vacuum on tile you will need to sweep up the floors and mop them. Try and use a HEPA filter high-efficient vacuum cleaner and shampoo the carpets frequently.
  • Replace Cushioned Bedding: Most people get allergies on couches or beds because this is where they spend their time relaxing. Dust will accumulate in cushions and pillows. Make sure to wash your pillows and sheets regularly. You can purchase allergy free sheets and blankets that will simnifically reduce allergy outbreak.
  • Clean Windows Regularly: Condensation and mold can build up on windows if you are no clean them regularly. Try and use double-paned windows as this will help keep dust out of your home during the winter months. Also try and use the AC during pollen season.
  • Get Rid of Wet Stuff: If your clothes get wet make sure to dry them right away. If it is s something you can get rid of right away do it because the longer you have wet stuff around your home the faster mold will grow.
  • Get Rid of Clutter: Leaving items on the floor and clutter around your home you are begging for dust to accumulate. If you have table ornaments clean them on a regular basis. Books, magazines, toys games and stuffed animals are perfect things to collect dust.
  • Clean HVAC Air Filters: This is one of the best ways to allergy proof your home. A HEPA air filter not only filters out the smallest of particles but will stop dust bunnies from forming and will cut down on the leaky nose, sneezing and coughing. Not only that but it will improve the homes air quality!
  • Clean Pets Regularly: Pets are a magnet for allergens and dust. If you have a cat that goes in and out of the home you are bringing in allergies overtime they walk around the home. Same thing with dogs. If you can not find a new home for your dog or cat, try and keep them in the bedrooms and bathe them at least once a week to reduce dander and shed.
  • Ventilate Your Home: Make sure you have clean air ducts and keep your fans on in order to keep your home ventilated. This blows pollution and allergens away. Try an keep your home humidity level below 50%. Try and buy pollen proof screens for your windows and doors in order to keep allergies from entering the home.
  • Clean Curtains and Blinds: Try and use washable curtains that are of 100% cotton or some type of synthetic fabric. If you have horizontal blinds try and wash them clean them once a month. Dust accumulates on them faster than you can imagine if you do not try and keep them clean.
  • Clean Fireplaces: Try to avoid using a fireplace because the smoke not only worsens respiratory allergies but it can build up dust in your home.
  • Keep a Low Odor Household: Air freshness, candles and other smell good products. These type of things irritate airways and increase an allergy outbreak in your home.
  • Potted Plants or Flowers Need To Go: Yes, plants cause allergies so either try and replace potted plants and flowers with fake ones that you can wash like blinds or get some type of aquarium gravel to place over the dirt to help contain the growth of mold.
  • Clean Kitchen Appliances: Sinks, Cabinets, Stove Refrigerator and Dishwasher are the common type of kitchen appliances that need to be cleaned once a month. These appliances gather moisture, dust and particulates in vents, etc… Refrigerators have dipping pans that need to be cleaned regularly as it can build mold. Also, clean the rubber seals around doors as this is a place for mold to grow as well.
  • Strategically Place Food Waste: The garbage can is a cesspool for insects and mold. Keep the kitchen free of crumbs and this will stop cockroaches and insects from infesting your home. Place the garbage can in an insect proof area and make sure to empty the trash out on a regular basis.

A-Quality ChemDry reduces up to 98% of allergens from carpets, upholstery, kitchen and rugs! We are a certified Carpet and Rug institute company with the only FDA approved natural solution.

For a professional carpet cleaning call now to save 10% (928) 525-3188 or schedule an appointment. A-Quality ChemDry is all about trying to save customers money and stress! We give you basic tips to clean stains and grease naturally from your carpet. Please understand, these are only carpet cleaning tips.

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