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Do Steam Cleaners Make You Sick?

Steam cleaners soak carpets and dry times can be up to 72-hours long! That is an invitation for mold to grow, pest infestation and can cause you to get sick! Learn more about why you shouldn't use a steam cleaner for your home. Read More

Flagstaff Carpet Cleaner Comparison in Flagstaff
Compare Steam Cleaners vs ChemDry

A-Quality ChemDry's archenemy "Mildew" is at it again! This time "Mildew" is gathering an army of pests to take over one house at a time... What will Flagstaff's best carpet cleaner A-Quality ChemDry do? And who will win the battle? Read More

Pet Urine Removal Carpet Cleaner Flagstaff
Total Removal Of Pet Urine

Just when we thought "Mildew" was bad enough another archenemy comes around... "Urine." This time we have to clean deep in to the fabric to remove crystalized salts and unpleasant formulation of acid...

Cleaning Uncleanable Carpets!

Most carpet cleaners use a soak method that invites mildew growth. Dust mites, carpet beetles and other insects will burrow themselves inside the carpet or furniture and live on the mildew caused by carpet cleaners that use the soak method.

Unfortunately, in the carpet cleaning industry there is an over-saturation of so called "green and friendly" carpet cleaners who are using weak toxic tea tree oils that are not effective. A-Quality ChemDry is the only flagstaff and sedona non-toxic, non-mold creating, safe carpet cleaner service, guaranteed.

Improve Carpets

Most carpet cleaners in flagstaff are super soaker steam cleaners. They soak carpets with water and soap and suck up dirt with a vacuum. This is no way to clean carpets - it only causes mold and bacteria growth under carpets! Save now and call (928) 525-3188

Super Soaker Carpet Cleaners Cause:

  • Mold Growth
  • Pest Infestation
  • Deterioration
  • Bacteria

Less Than 2-Hour Dry Times

Steam cleaning have long dry times lasting anywhere from 6-24+ hours. After 4-hours mold can start to grow... causing thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Save now and call (928) 525-3188

Why Call A-Quality ChemDry:

  • Less than 2-Hour Dry Times
  • Save Time, Stress and Money
  • Improves Air Quality
  • Removes Allergens

Pet Urine and Stain Removal

Pet urine can destroy carpets and fill the air with stench! A-Quality ChemDry has the technology and organic carpet cleaning solution to lift pet urine stains out of carpets while deep cleaning the fabric. Save now and call (928) 525-3188

Why Do Pets Urinate In Homes?:

  • Want to dominate the home
  • Insecure, perceive your family or a newborn baby as a threat
  • Smell animals on your clothes and want to dominate their territory

Why Choose A-Quality ChemDry?

Over 30-Years Experience

We are the most experienced carpet cleaning service in Flagstaff. With over 30-years experience in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile, stone and grout cleaning - you can't afford to go with anyone else.

Non-Mold Creating

Unlike the majority of Flagstaff carpet cleaning services in the Valley... our patented carpet cleaning technology does not soak your carpets creating a breeding ground for mold and pest infestation.

100% Organic

We are the only Flagstaff carpet cleaning service that uses FDA approved high quality, non-toxic, non-mold creating, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products you can trust.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our #1 goal is to make sure our customers are completely and totally satisfied. In 2014, we were voted the best carpet cleaner in Flagstaff.

Professional Accreditations in Flagstaff

We have been accredited and approved by top of the line government safety and carpet cleaning organizations: - FDA and The Carpet and Rug Institute

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    • Flagstaff
    • Williams
    • Sedona
    • Munds Park

We provide carpet cleaning service for the following Zip Codes:

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